Health-improving baths in radon water

Wellness for the body and the soul

Bad Salomonsbrunn: your font of health and vitality. Our family wishes you a warm welcome to "Bad Salomonsbrunn". We are proud of the long tradition of our hotel, famed for generations for its health-improving baths in radon water, and hope that your health improves during your stay here with us.

The sense of vitality in our hotel
is tangible

One reason for this is the special water served in a jug at your table – fresh, radon-rich water from "Salomonsbrunn", our family's own spring. The spring sources from the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park and the spring itself lies only 100 m from the hotel. The water quality has been officially certified as being "natural mineral water". The well's output is remarkable; with an average 60 l/s, its near constant year-round temperature is in the region of 8° C.

The therapeutic qualities of radon-rich mineral water

The calming and pain-relieving properties have a beneficial effect on the nervous system in general. Radon-rich water is also recommended for its effects on osteoarthritis as well as bone, joint and muscle complaints. The water promotes dilation of peripheral blood vessels and has an antihypertensive effect and is, furthermore, of particular benefit to women with chronic vein disorders (varicose veins, chronic capillary dilation, etc.). Its effects are intensified through bathing. Recommended baths: 6-12 baths of 20 minutes.

We would like you to experience the beneficial, health-improving effects of Radon baths for yourself.

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Wellness and health
for over 450 years

Discover the beneficial properties of our water spring and the traditional baths. Rediscover well-being in our wellness area "Aqua Vital" with saunas and Jacuzzi. Experience the feeling of being pampered with spa treatments for the whole body.

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